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Mother Cup


Abstract monoprint in inky indigos and turqouise. Exploring the sometimes tenuous task of balancing in Motherhood, like stacking brimming cups without letting a drop spill out.

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Additional Info

Monoprinting is a one-off method of printing-making where no two prints are exactly alike. It is a painterly form of printmaking, and in this instance I've painted onto a plate, and then from that plate printed in layers various colors and textures using masks and other mediums to achieve my design. It's always a bit of a surprise in the end, and it's special because each print is singular and unique. 

The artwork itself measures 8"X10", and is printed using acrylics paints with minimal details in pencil onto textured linen canvas acid-free 110 lb. paper, and overall measures 8.5"X11.