Drop me a note here about possible commission or collaborations, or you can always email me at miriam@madmim.com. You can also find me around the web @miriamtribe. 

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Hey there, I’m Miriam Tribe, and yes that’s my real last name. I’m a mixed-media artist, with a background in working with my hands and shooting from the hip.

My aim as an artist is first to connect—to provoke pause, curiosity, laughter, melancholy, even pain—and from there to reflect a few simple ideas: human beings are, in their essence, barely separate from each other. We all look like tiny specs of line and color from a long ways off.  My visual melody is so simple it can be plucked out with a single finger, making it easier to see the elegant lines we share.  

I’m currently working in charcoal and acrylics, but I’m not married to any particular medium and in fact enjoy the various perspectives that different medias can add. I always look for texture and softness, and instinctively reach for the color palette of the desert which is my home. I have four children (the youngest two with special needs) which have taught me how to be flexible, creative, and to see the beauty of the moment, no matter how dark. I treasure my power tools almost as much as my art supplies, and enjoy renovating our quirky mid-century modern home in the Salt Lake Valley.